12 Amazing Relaxation Techniques for Instant Stress Relief

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So you had a bad day at work?  Maybe you sat through a slew of boring lectures in college. Perhaps you simply want to unwind after a physically and mentally taxing day at home! Whatever the reason, try these easy yet effective relaxation techniques, and I promise you’ll be blissfully rested in minutes!

1. Take a nice, refreshing shower. 

It calms your nervous system, lowering tension and anxiety.

2. Enjoy some ‘Me-Time’

Make YOURSELF a priority for a change! Indulge in some self-love. Put on your PJs, watch your favorite movie, cook a fancy meal, read a book, or do whatever else YOU enjoy! Solitude could present you with a totally fresh way of seeing the world.

3. Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes.

It is one of the best relaxation techniques because it stimulates blood circulation and improves sleep. A footbath right before bedtime (maybe with a dash of Epsom salt and essential oils) can help you fall asleep almost immediately.

4. Practice Ten minutes of meditation! 

It is super-powerful and soothes you in minutes! I highlight the importance of practicing meditation in every post because I want you to experience its effectiveness.

5. Take a power nap. 

A 10-20 minute catnap can help you relax, reduce stress, and boost productivity. But beware, anything longer than 30 minutes can make you sluggish and lethargic!

6. Play some soothing music. 

Pleasant music instantly relaxes you by lowering stress hormone levels in your body.

7. Engage in 15 minutes of light exercise. 

A quick yoga session, a jog around the block, or some gentle stretches would work wonders! It can improve your health and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

8. Get a scalp and body massage. 

It’s a magical feeling to be relieved of all of the physical tension and knots in your body!

9. Re-connect with nature. 

Did you know that humans spend 90% of their lives indoors on average? Isn’t that disturbing? We keep forgetting that nature is an integral part of our lives, or rather that we are a part of nature! Spend some time outside. Sit under a tree, go for a walk in the park, or kick back in your own backyard. In the blink of an eye, you’ll notice that you’re considerably happier, lighter, and more relaxed!

10. Experiment with aromatherapy!

 Diffusing your favorite essential oils will help reduce stress levels and relax you almost instantly!

11. Talk to someone you love. 

Talking to a loved one will certainly provide you with a sense of relief. (Be mindful not to overwhelm the person with your worries and negative emotions. Please ensure that the listener is in the right frame of mind and not already bogged down with their own problems! Do not use your loved one as a trash can for all your negativity!)

12. Advice when Using Relaxation Techniques

One general rule of thumb I would suggest is to stay off social media when relaxing, as it can promote feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and depression!

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