How to have a spotless, clean home in no time

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They say, “A clean home is a happy home!

Of course, I accept that cleanliness isn’t the only thing that makes a home happy, but I believe it helps our home feel brighter and our lives a little more joyful!

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 14 things you can do right now to make your home look much cleaner. Please remember that cleaning your house should become a habit, not a one-time activity. (Like when you know you’re having guests!) Do it for you! For your happiness and wellbeing!

1. Bathrooms are without a doubt the filthiest rooms in the house!

Unsanitary toilets are hazardous to your health as well as icky to use for you as well as a guest! Clean and sterilize the toilet bowl, wipe the countertops, scrub the sinks and tubs, clean the mirrors, and add some natural perfumes to the room to freshen it up.

2. Do a quick declutter!

This can make your home look instantly cleaner. Place all of the items that are strewn about in their proper places. Clothes out of the laundry, for example, go in your closet, not on your bed! Learn how to deep-declutter here.

3. Wash all the dishes.

They have been sitting in the sink for ages now!

4. Dust and disinfect.

Stools, racks, bookshelves, and any other nooks and crannies since they collect dust.

5. Dust all of your furniture and electronic equipment.

Such as TVs and speakers, since they tend to accumulate dirt very fast.

6. Quick vacuum clean around the home.

It will dramatically improve its cleanliness appeal. Mop tile floors to remove the muck that has developed.

7. Change your sheets and pillowcases every week.

You’d be mortified if you knew how dirty they are! And don’t forget to wash your pillows periodically. If washing isn’t an option, sun-drying and fluffing your pillows will suffice. Clean your curtains and drapes frequently to avoid dust buildup.

8. Get the fur off the fur-niture.

I love my pet-buddies as well, but regularly vacuuming out your furry friend’s fluff from cushions, sofas, and even beds is essential for a clean home!

9. The scent of your home is just as important as its appearance.

Spray any natural fragrance or diffuse some mild essential oils. Please avoid using chemical air fresheners because they can have long-term negative health consequences.

10. Let there be light.

Literally! Open those drapes and let some light in! It pretty quickly brightens your home.

11. Keep your windowsills and panes clean at all times.

And Do not skip cleaning the mirrors!

12. Wipe the kitchen counters and wash your kitchen towels.

(Weeks have passed since that food stain appeared! It’s time you cleaned it!)

13. Take the trash out EVERY day.

And don’t let it pile up. As much as possible, compost and recycle.

14. If you have indoor plants

wipe their leaves often since dust gathers on them.

I will see you soon with more fun tips and tricks to help you make your life better. Until then, Adios.

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